Walk Behind Leaf Blower Vs. Backpack: Choosing The Right Blower

The issue of a walk behind leaf blower vs. backpack leaf blower brings into comparison two machines that are quite different. As the names suggest, a walk behind leaf blower allows the user to guide it from the back while clearing leaves and debris in a yard. The user pushes the blower ahead of him/her like you push a trolley ahead of you while doing your shopping. A backpack leaf blower requires that you strap the leaf blower equipment on your back and hold the blower nozzle in your hand when working.

walk behind leaf blower vs backpack

Factor to consider when purchasing a leaf blower




When choosing between walk behind leaf blower vs. backpack, consider the following factors;

  • Size of area in need of cleaning

This factor requires that you consider whether you are clearing a huge lawn or driveway? The wider the area that you need to clear, the bigger and more powerful a blower you need. Ideally, backpack leaf blowers are smaller than most walk behind leaf blowers. Hence, for small clean-up jobs of an area of an acre, a backpack leaf blower is best.

For a cleanup of a whole yard, you need a walk behind leaf blower. This is because they are powerful enough to clear up a lot of debris and leaves and you can wheel them around the yard comfortably as you clean up. These blowers also have powerful engines that can suck up leaves and debris in a wide area. Hence, if you have an expansive lawn or work as a landscaper, a good quality walk behind leaf blower is a great choice.

  • Airspeed and air flow

When considering walk behind leaf blower vs. backpack you need to look at the air speed and airflow of the machines separately to determine if they will meet your purpose. You will come across measuring units abbreviated as CFM and MPH. The former is short for Cubic Feet per Minute and the latter is short for Miles per Hour. The higher these numbers are on the specifications of a leaf blower, the more powerful it will be when used. The more powerful a leaf blower, the more work you will get done within short periods of time.

Walk behind leaf blowers are often more powerful than backpack leaf blowers. You will easily find a walk behind leaf blower with air speeds of 250 mph and up to 3000 cfm. Backpack blowers range between 400 to 700 cfm. Hence, if you clean up small areas, get a backpack leaf blower but for the big jobs a walk behind leaf blower is the way to go.

  • Ease of use

Generally when looking at walk behind leaf blower vs. backpack the walk behind leaf blower is excellent for comfort reason because you just wheel it ahead. Some people find backpack leaf blowers tiring after using them for some time although they are more convenient than hand held leaf blowers.  Whichever kind of leaf blower you choose your comfort when using it and the capability of the machine must be put into consideration.

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