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When you look at walk behind leaf blower reviews, you will find that a walk behind leaf blower is the kind of blower you need for huge outdoor spaces. This kind of blower will help you clean up a wide area of lawn in a short amount of time. Hence, you will find gas powered walk behind blowers used by professional gardeners and contractors because they get the job done fast and well.

walk behind leaf blower reviews


Three affordable walk –behind leaf blowers to buy

  • The 250 cc, Troy-Bilt, walk behind 4 – cycle leaf blower


Based on leaf blower reviews, this machine blows leaves and debris at a speed of 150 mph/1000 CFM. It has a number of throttle controls so that you can choose the speed based on the task at hand. It has a comfort grip handle fitted with rubber that makes it easier to have a firm grip of the machine when working. It also rolls easily in any direction you want to steer it making the chore of clearing debris and leaves in your lawn or yard an easy one.

  • JS1150 Cub Cadet Jet Sweep Walk-behind leaf blower


This blower works at speeds of 150 mph and has an air volume of 1000 CFM. It has a ten blade design that ensures it offers strong air volume helping you quickly get rid of debris and leaves on your lawn. It has a pivoting front wheel that allows you to maneuver the blower around obstacles easily.

  • LB170S Little Wonder 169cc Subaru Walk – Behind Leaf Blower


This blower provides air speeds of about 153 mph and 1,397 CFM airflow. It is the ideal blower for anyone looking for a machine that provides excellent performance but is not heavy. It works with a 4-cycle engine that is powerful enough to work fast yet it doesn’t blow the debris all over the place uncontrollably. When you get this machine, you will not have to deal with pesky blow-back problems. You can adjust the height for comfort and it has anti-vibration grip hence there is no uncomfortable vibration when using it.

some of the factors to look out for when choosing a walk behind leaf blower include directional controls. Directional controls on a blower will allow you to dictate the direction in which the leaves or debris blow during a cleanup exercise. For example, they will help in case you are blowing debris along a wall so that the debris doesn’t blow against the wall back to you.

The rear wheels should be big to ensure that they maneuver easily through rough terrain. It will also help if the blower has a front swivel wheel so that you can steer the leaf blower easily. Ensure that you concentrate on buying a quality blower because the better the specifications of the blower, the longer it will last and the faster you will get a task done. If you are wondering how to choose the best walk behind leaf blower to clean up your lawn, we hope this review would have been useful to you.

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