Factors To Consider When Purchasing A 4 Cycle Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers have been in use since the 1950s when a contraption that could blow off debris from loans was discovered. Earlier people struggled with rakes to clear dead leaves and other kinds of debris from their lawns. Today, a 4-cycle leaf blower is a common gardening tool used by professional landscapers, gardeners and people that are keen on keeping a clean and well-cut lawn.

These days people have a choice of purchasing a 2-cycle leaf blower or a 4-cycle leaf blower, gas or electrical leaf blowers and hand-held or backpack leaf blowers among other choices. Top most when it comes to choosing a leaf blower is the power supply. While electrical blowers make less noise than gas blowers, many people choose the latter because they are more powerful than their counterparts.

 4 cycle leaf blower

Leaf blower engines


Once you choose to use a gas-powered leaf blower to clean up your lawn, the next choice to make is whether you want a 2-cycle or 4-cycle leaf blower. Two-cycle leaf blowers are often picked because they are lighter than the 4-cycle ones.

The term 2-cycle means they use a two-stroke engine. It is dubbed two-stroke because it uses an upward and downward stroke to complete a single cycle of combustion. It is an inefficient and dirty engine resulting in the emission of oily fumes that make it uncomfortable to use such blowers.

On the other hand, a 4- cycle leaf blower uses a four-stroke engine. Although these blowers are heavier than the two-stroke, they are cleaner and more efficient. This is because they have extra components that combust the fuel. Although the extra components in the 4-stroke engine cause a blower to be heavier than the 2-stroke, it’s better to use because it is more efficient. The 4-cycle blower has less foul smelling carbon emission. It doesn’t make as much noise as the 2-stroke engine blower. Since some areas have restrictions on the amount of noise you can make using a blower, the 4-cycle engine leaf blower is ideal for such areas.

Leaf blowers make it easy to keep lawns clean

While you may enjoy the effort required of using a rake to clean up the lawn it’s not always a prudent idea. Using a rake to clean up a huge lawn is unnecessary.  Rakes are only ideal for cleaning up small areas. Hence, a leaf blower is a good choice. However, in addition to the method of powering the blower and the engine, there are other considerations to make. A good measuring stick is the air flow and speed with which the blower operates.

A measurement to consider when purchasing a 4-cycle leaf blower is the CFM or cubic feet per minute measurements. This gives a measure of the air flow and will give you an idea of how much debris the blower will move with one puff. The higher the CFM, the faster you can clean up your loan. Also, consider getting a blower with an adjustable speed button. This will allow you to adjust the speed based on the kind of debris you are cleaning up.

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