A Backpack Leaf Blower To Clean Up Your Lawn Or Driveway

The backpack leaf blower as the name suggests comes with a backpack like contraption that holds the blower gear. Normally the gear is made up of the blower engine and sometimes a bag that collects leaves, twigs, and any other debris being sucked off the loan. While the backpack contains the blower gear, the blower nozzle is held by the hand as the user directs it in which direction to suck debris.

A backpack leaf blower is more convenient to use than blowers on wheels that require you to drag them around. They also come with large and powerful engine that provide amazing airflow capabilities. They also have big fuel tanks that can fuel the blower for up to an hour or more as you work. Hence, back pack blowers are ideal for cleaning up patios or large lawns.

backpack leaf blower

Examples of affordable backpack leaf blowers you can purchase


This backpack gas leaf blower comes with an easy to start 2 –cycle 27cc crank engine. It has a cool flex harness that keeps the user cool and also reduces fatigue while operating the machine. This back pack leaf blower has a jump start engine that saves the user the trouble of pulling a cord to get the blower started. It’s ideal for blowing large leaves and debris as it has an airspeed of 145 mph and air volume of 445 cfm. It has a long flex tube that allows the user of the blower to maneuver easily around and under still objects such as bushes. This garden equipment is the ideal blower for anyone looking for excellent performance and comfort when clearing a lawn or patio of debris.


This backpack blower has an X-Torq engine that’s easy to start. The engine is also powerful and efficient due to the design of the fan which offers great airflow and airspeed. The air speed provided by this Husqvarna backpack blower is 145 MPH. It has handles that one can ergonomically adjust for comfort when operating the blower. It is also CARB compliant which is an additional bonus for the user. This backpack leaf blower can handle cleaning of a large area comfortably, and although the engine is quite powerful, it is relatively quiet ensuring that you don’t disturb your neighbors when cleaning up your lawn.


This backpack blower has a four-stroke commercial duty engine that is powerful and fuel efficient. If you are a stickler for regulations, it exceeds CARB and EPA evaporation and exhaust regulations concerning emissions.  This means that you don’t have to deal with the unpleasant smell of oil fumes when using it. This backpack leaf blower comes with padded shoulder straps that ensure the user is comfortable when lagging the blower around. It is easy to start, all you need is one pull on the rope and it’s revving to go offering excellent blow power.  It offers excellent performance but is not noisy. It has a long air tube that you can deep into flowerbeds and bushes to get at hidden debris.

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