Top 15 Leaf Blowers Of 2017 – Buying Guide & Review

Are you fed up of debris, grass clippings  and leaves at your lawn? Tired of using rakes for cleaning your outdoors?

Do not worry, Choosing the right leaf blower can help you to clean up all the mess at your lawn with ease and in a short period of time, they come in handy as they will be required for every seasons, in order to blow away all the sandy decks, walkways and light snow. 

walk behind leaf blower

Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Interested to know more about Leaf Blowers? Here is a simple guide that will let you understand about the history, working mechanism,types, characteristics, choosing the right Leaf Blower in brief.

History of Leaf Blowers

Here is a short outline regarding the history of Leaf Blowers. 

  • In Earlier 1800’s, bellows was used by Japanese Gardeners to clean up the messy things at the home or ground, this is the initial stage, leaf blower started its origin.
  • In 1950 America was in need of a tool to distribute the chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so they incorporated the backpack pesticide sprayer.
  • In 1951, Snow Blower was used by the Hartford people’s for cleaning the messy ground, they used only in wet leaves, as dry leave will get blown for blocks.
  • In 1969, Giant-Vac developed a machine with Vacuum and used to blow up the leaves on the ground.
  • In 1971, Echo introduced backpack blower PB-9 gas powered engine to use in home and noncommercial purposes.
  • In 1985, seeing the sale of Backpack leaf blower, Weed Eater developed handheld gas powered blower.
  • In 1998, Los Angeles developed quieter, cleaner and electric design leaf blower.
  • In 2010, cordless battery power models of leaf blowers become popular.

From then to now, Leaf blowers play an major role in cleaning up the leaves, debris, grass clippings, dirt, construction equipment and outdoor tasks in a short span of time when compared to the hand tools, these leaf blowers can be used for both home, garden and business purposes.

Walk Behind Leaf Blower Infographics:


Working Mechanism of Leaf Blower

The working mechanism behind the leaf blower is its centrifugal force, they operate with the help of the power of it. Blowers comes in two different types namely gas powered and electric motor, this helps the blower to spin the fan alternatively so that the dust particles, leaves, debris etc outside gets in with the force.

The force of the fan and the different size of the opening in the blower helps the particles to get in through the nozzle at the high speed of about 250 miles per hour, this is the reason why they clean up the dirts and particles in a short period of time.

Types of Leaf Blowers

The Five important types of Leaf Blower Includes Handheld Leaf Blowers, Walk Behind Leaf Blowers, Backpack Leaf Blowers, Wheeled Leaf Blowers and Push leaf Blowers. Every types of leaf blowers comes with two important categories namely gas and electric.

Handheld Leaf Blower

Handheld Leaf blowers are the one that you can use it by holding in your hands, they are one of the affordable and lightweight blowers available in the market, this is best only for small yards as they can feel heavy if you use it for bigger yard or outdoors. Handheld Leaf Blowers comes in two types.

  • Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blowers
  • Electric Handheld Leaf Blowers
Backpack Leaf Blowers

Backpack leaf blowers, you need to carry the weight of the blower at your back for using it, they are more powerful leaf blowers when compared to the handheld blowers, you can choose this blower, if you have yard upto 1 acre. Two types of Backpack leaf blower includes

  • Gas Powered Backpack leaf Blowers
  • Electric Backpack Leaf Blowers 
Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

Walk Behind Leaf Blowers are the type, in which you need to move the blower to clean away the debris and leaves at your yards. They are expensive ones as they have a wheeled frame and are able to use it any large yards or for outdoor purposes. Two types of Walk behind includes

  • Gas Powered Walk Behind Leaf Blowers
  • Electric Walk Behind Leaf Blowers
Wheeled Leaf Blowers

Wheeled Leaf Blowers are similar to Walk behind leaf blowers, but the small difference between them is that they are huge in weight and can be used in wider areas, outdoor stacks and for business purposes. They are expensive when compared to the walk behind leaf blowers, the two types of this blowers includes 

  • Gas Powered Wheeled Leaf Blowers
  • Electric Wheeled Leaf Blowers

Still confusions? Here is a video that explains about the types of leaf blowers in detail.

Gas vs Electric types : Which is Best

Electric types has two major forms namely corded Electric Blowers  and cordless Electric Blowers, while considering the Handheld blowers, the important things to consider is the Economic, speed and comfort, so based on this the best one for handheld blower is the corded electric blowers as the provide the three major considerations effectively when compared to the gas blowers.

Cordless Electric type needs less power than gas models and they run until the battery get over and are light in weight, whereas gas models will require more weight, fuel, noise, cost etc.

In Backpack Blowers, gas blowers will be expensive when compared to the handheld, whereas  cordless electric models are less expensive but need more power while you are putting down the weight to our back and shoulders.

In Wheeled, go with gas as you will require more electricity or battery to grab the debris or leaves, also the will need more space and therefore tough to control or push the blowers, another thing is the budget, they are the expensive ones.

In Short,

Gas powered Leaf Blowers are

  • Powerful and best to use for large products.
  • Flexible and does not contain any power cords
  • Produces large noise
  • Heavy in weight

and Electric Leaf Blowers are

  • Battery get charged quickly
  • Only less maintenance
  • Light in weight
  • Do not make much noise
  • It requires more power when clearing large area or lawns.

Check out the difference between The Gas and Electric Leaf Blower from the embedded video below.

How about Leaf Blowers Noise Production?

All leaf blowers will produce more sound, the motor is made in such a way, anyway you can choose the one with less noise when compared to the one that produce more noise , Have a note of this while you test or get a leaf blower for our lawn.

Wear and hearing protection while you are testing any leaf blowers, wear a dust mask and goggles, no one should be there in the place while you are clearing the area, don’t start the blowers early or late in a day for the best one.

Characteristics to look for While Getting a Leaf Blower

It’s important to choose the right leaf blower for grabbing the best type of leaf blowers for our lawn, home or business. Note down the following features while you get a leaf blower for cleaning our lawn or outdoor activities.

            1. CFM Power

After choosing the right type of leaf blower, now it’s important to note, how powerful our type of leaf blower is. You need to note the CFM power, ie how fast the blower is pushing out the amount of air outside to clean the debris or leaves is maintained by Cubic Feet Per Metre(CFM)

    • Under 200 CFM: The are best for clearing just the driveways and the patios, the will not be able to push away the grass terrain or bushes with much force.
    • Between 200 to 400 CFM: They can clear away small yards in extra to patios and driveways. They are not best for cleaning yards over ¼ acre.
    • Between 400 to 450 CFM: They are best for cleaning medium yards and not suitable for clearing more than 1 acre.
    • Between 450 to 500 CFM: Best for clearing large yards but can clear only under 1 acre.
  1. Hand Grip

Having a extra hand grip is important to hold it , for equal weight distribution and to shift the blowers from one place to another place with control.

  1. Design of the Nozzle

Nozzle of the leaf blowers differ from each type, size, shape etc. some may be round whereas few blowers will have flattened nozzles and some will have both of them within them, you need to choose the one according to your need.

  1. Comfortable Switch to On /Off

The most important thing to note is the On or Off button, if it’s comfortable for you to switch on or off the blower when the work is over or you need to start it.

  1. Control Over the Speed

Speed settings in the leaf blower helps you to control the movement and how much airflow is needed to clear your lawn, some blowers will have fixed speed control and some would have variable ones, in few leaf blowers you will be able to set and lock the speed as per the need.

  1. Fuel tank

The transparent tank will allow you to check how much fuel is remaining in the tank in a crystal clear way, and if ii is of wide opening, there would be no chance of fuel spilling out.

  1. Air Deflector

Air deflector should be adjustable so that it helps you to adjust or note the airflow inward or outward.

  1. MPH

MPH which means Miles Per Hour helps in measuring the speed at which the air exits the leaf blower unit and also indicates the power of the leaf blower.

Best Brands Offering Leaf Blowers

You may find thousands of different models,brands of gas, corded and cordless leaf blowers in the market, choosing the right type and best brand is mandatory for clearing your lawn perfectly. Some of the best brands offering leaf blower with all the above advanced features, few includes Craftsman, Echo, Toro, Stihl, Black+Decker, Hitachi, Homelite etc

15 Best Leaf Blowers of 2017

We have spent hours on researching and analyzing about the best brands that is offering the best type of leaf blower with all the advanced facilities, type and have listed down the top 15 different picks of leaf blowers based on the customer’s rating, popularity on the market, price, reviews, quality, design and their performance.

1.Ultra Plus Leaf Blower from Toro

Ultra Plus Leaf Blower from Toro

Toro, one of the best and the trusted brand, who is having more than 100 years of experience in the field, produces innovative and developes every product as per the latest technological advancement. Coming to the product, they are the highly performing, time saving and leaf shredding performance blowers in the market now, Shredz-All shred ring along with the metal impeller helps in reducing the debris to half inch, you can also find a oscillating nozzle along with the product.

The unique thing of this product is that , 3 machines can be found in a single blower which includes vacuum tube, cord storage hook and zip bag at the bottom, apart from that you can also find the oscillating tube along with it. The metal impeller who is large in size helps you to improve mulching by driving much power.

The speed control comes with different controls, through which you can use the machine as blower and also as a vacuum, the latch let you to convert the blower into vacuum within a short period of time, the cord lock that is built in with the blowers keeps the cord close to the blower vacuum.

Once the process in completed you can use the cord storage hook to attach to the blower and wrap it around for the easy storage, after that you can place all the components in the vacuum bag and hang it somewhere in your wall.  

The motor is of 12.0 amps, the volume of the air capacity is about 410 cfm and the maximum speed of the air enclosed in about 250 mph and comes in attractive red color.

Ultra Plus Leaf Blower from Toro

Key features: 250 mph degree, bottom-zip bag, cord storage hook.

Pros: Extension cord Sold, Variable speed control, shred-all shred ring.

2.Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower from HITACHI

Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower from HITACHI

HITACHI, a popular brand who is famous of their quality product is ranking second in the list, they always design the higher standard products, they test each and every products for the performance and durability and then release the product.

The product is specially designed to clean up bigger yards and lawns in a simple way as they uses a 23.9 cc power engine and also functions with the help of a two stroke engine technology, the auto on and switch helps to on or off the product with ease.

The air volume offered is about 441 CFM and the speed of the air involved is about 170 miles PH with a taper nozzle for the complete debris to get cleaned. As its a handheld one, they are of light in weight and the design also looks attractive and easy for the maneuvering, there is a throttle that helps the debris to get cleaned with ease.

The auto return switch on and off helps to on or off the engine with ease, the brand is offering 7 years warranty for consumer use, 2 years warranty for commercial use and 1 year for rental use.

Gas Powered Handheld Leaf Blower from HITACHI

Key features: 441 CFM, 170 MPH, 23.9 cc.

Pros: well-balanced, durable, comfortable.

3.Lithium Ion Blower from Black + Decker

Lithium Ion Blower from Black + Decker

Black+Decker, a popular brand who in in the industry from 1910, has been set a standard for the design and innovative accessories and outdoor equipments and much more regarding the home improvement. The product helps to clear out the debris, patios, decks, garages, autumn leaves and any outdoor stacks with ease and in short period of time.

They are electric Leaf Blowers that work with 20 Volt max Lithium battery system for the effective performance while clearing the lawn, one of the easiest type to handle and the built in scraper helps the wet leaves to loosen from any type of surface except to flower bed or in grass, they weigh just 3.7 pounds in weight therefore portable.

This is the cordless sweeper that works quieter, but powerful in removing debris and other waste from your home, garages, decks, walkways or outdoor, free from mess and fume. The manufacturer is offering 2 years warranty and comes in orange color.

Lithium Ion Blower from Black + Decker

Key features: lithium-ion battery, NiCad batteries, Built-in scraper.

Pros: longer lifespan, avoid twist the wrist.

4.Single Electric Blower from Greenworks

Single Electric Blower from Greenworks

Greenworks, one of the manufacturer who are known for their quality products in the market provides 4 year warranty for every products, especially for lawn tools. Coming to the product, if you are searching for a single blower with a speed above 7 Amp, prefer to choose Greenworks Leaf blowers without any chaos.

The simple design blower, which is light in weight yet the powerful blower to clear out the debris, garages, walkways etc within  a short period of time, simple installation and easy to maintain, use and clean. You can use this blower up to 16 mph, they perform the work efficiently and rapidly.

There is a lock feature with a cord for the safety, this helps the cord to disconnect and perform the work reliably, you will feel the comfort while using this blower to clear away the debris and leaves from your lawn.

The electric on and off switch provides the simplest start and end, best handheld leaf blower to use for indoor and outdoor use, As they are light in weight, you can take them anywhere outdoor and also they produced to work quieter and without much vibration for efficient use.

Single Electric Blower from Greenworks

Key features: 7 Amp motor , 160 mph, Cord Lock feature.

Pros: Safe, Simple ergonomic design, light weight.

5.Commercial Handheld Blower from Makita

Commercial Handheld Blower from Makita

Makita, a standard manufacturer who is known for their quality products researches and tests each product carefully before they release the product to the market, for their customers, makita provides 30 days free guarantee to return the item if they are not satisfied.

Are you looking for an efficient, convenient, durable and comfortable handheld leaf blower for clearing any type of debris, garages from any hard surface? Then Makita’s handheld leaf blower would be the perfect choice.

What makes them efficient, convenient, durable and comfortable?

The transparent fuel tank is the one that makes the leaf blower an efficient one, the fuel tank comes with a wide opening so that it’s easy for refueling and have the efficiency to run for longer time. The Spark plug is convenient and accessible for easier and rapid maintenance.

The air filter that comes at dual stage is accessible and can be easily replaced for the durability, the soft grip that comes with lower vibration and the cruise lever control is used for reduced operator fatigue, which is easy and comfortable to access.

The 4 stroke powered leaf blower helps for faster clearance of debris, garages,walkways and any wastages even in hard surface. The muffler comes with larger capacity so that the noise made is very less, the design is compact and light in weight.

Commercial Handheld Blower from Makita

Key features: 24.5 cc, noise 67dB, 4-stroke engine.

Pros: easu starts, durable, compact.

6.Backpack Leaf Blower from Husqvarna 

Backpack Leaf Blower from Husqvarna

Husqvarna, manufacturer of exceptional products for lawnmowers and snow blowers, make your garden, lawn and yard cleaner with their efficient products, they were incorporated in 1689 in Sweden and therefore the oldest companies in the world.

You can wear this leaf blower at your back for easy accessing, they comes with integrated one so that you can use this backpack leaf blower with ease. The 2.1 Hp X-Torq engine used in this leaf blower helps to reduce the exhaust emission of fuel and increases the efficiency of fuel.

They comes with a hip belt to bear the weight equally and also a shoulder straps which is wide in shape so that people with any size can wear by adjusting it. Speed adjustment is there so that you can use the leaf blower as per your need, the air purge helps in removing the air from fuel system and carburetor, so that the machine starts easily.

The maximum speed of this leaf blower is about 7,500 RPM so that they are able to generate the wind in a speed upto 180 miles PH and can be used for several hours. The manufacturer is providing 2 years limited warranty for the product and this can be used a backpack for easy carrying.

Backpack Leaf Blower from Husqvarna

Key features: X-Torq engine, 2.1 HP, 692.17 cfm.

Pros: CARB Compliant, stable, load-reducing harness.

7.Handheld Leaf Blower from Husqvarna

Handheld Leaf Blower from Husqvarna

The seventh leaf blower in the list is the Husqvarna’s Handheld Leaf Blower, we have seen about the manufacturer in the last list, so here are the product details.

The fan housing that is engineered for the airstream to handle with ease, and this also help to reduce the stress at your arm and wrist, the electric on and off button used for easier on and off for simple starting of the machine, the speed can be adjusted as per the needs.

The length of the tube can be also adjusted as per your requirements, the CARB compliant serves for the efficient and easy pick up. The two stroke engine that can work with an efficiency of about 170 MPH, they are light in weight so that you can carry it anywhere you go and they come in attractive orange color.

Handheld Leaf Blower from Husqvarna

Key features: automatic stop switch, reduced arm stress.

Pros: CARB Compliant, easy adjustable length.

8.Handheld Leaf Blower from WORX

Handheld Leaf Blower from WORX

WORX, a leading manufacturer of exceptional lawn products produces unique and innovative products for their customers, this leaf blower act a multiple machine in one as blower, mulcher and also as a yard vacuum with flip off switch conservation act.

You can use the machine as a leaf blower, there are no additional pieces or tools for the operation, just turn the TriVac to blower type with a flip off switch, clear up the patio, garages or any walkways easily using this handheld leaf blower with ease, again with the help of the flip off switch convert the blower to Mulcher for collecting the piles of leaves or any other things for using it in landscape or for composting.

The flip off switch and the TriVac helps to vacuum up your complete debris, leaves, grass and make your whole lawn or yard clean and pretty, the motor comes with a powerful 12-amp which helps to clean the debris, patios within a short span.

The speed of the air delivered is about 210 MPH and they are strong enough to clean out the debris and the wet leaves with ease, the single handed operation available for vacuum and blower models , the machine is of light in weight, compact design and also comes with angled nose for the reliability.

The innovative and durable design is the uniqueness of the product, the angled tube helps to clear off the debris, leaves etc from your garden, lawn, under your furniture or car with ease, the air gets flown easily as they are made up of the breathable nylon fabrics and the products comes in orange color.

Handheld Leaf Blower from WORX

Key features: Metal impeller, 12-amp motor, flip-of-a-switch.

Pros: Single-hand operation, light weight, 210 mph.

9.Electric Handheld Leaf Blower from Pro-Series

Electric Handheld Leaf Blower from Pro-Series

Pro-series, an effective manufacturer of producing lawnmowers, snowblowers and other outdoor activities products makes a innovative electric handheld leaf blower with ease and comfort.

This pro-series leaf blower acts as a great tool for clearing out the yards, lawns, patios, decks, garages etc with ease and at a  minimum span of time without using any broom or rake, they are strong enough to clear out shrubs, flower beds, wet leaves etc, they are easy to carry as they are light in weight and therefore maneuvers of plants can be also done in ease.

They weigh about 3 lbs and are capable of up to 13,000 RPM and the manufacturer provides 1 years warranty for the products, they come in multi colors for the attractive look.

Electric Handheld Leaf Blower from Pro-Series

Key features: weight – 3 lbs, 13,000 RPM, 110 volts.

Pros: Lightweight, durable, easily move around plants.

10.Cordless Electric Handheld Leaf Blower from EGO Power+

Cordless Electric Handheld Leaf Blower from EGO Power+

EGO Power+, a manufacturer who has more than 20 years experience in producing lawn and garden equipment for their customers, this product is used for clearing out a small portion of your lawn or garden.

The turbine fan used in the leaf blower delivers about 480 CFM and are capable of working up to 75 mins of time including a battery, the brushless motor which is of high efficiency produces no noise or vibration while operating, the 2.5MAh power along with the battery is well prepared for clearing out the patios and debris in your lawn.

The motor is resistant to weather so that you can use the product in any weather type and also light in weight feature helps you to take the product anywhere you go and can be used in your outdoor activities too and come in multi colors for attraction.

Cordless Handheld Leaf Blower from EGO Power+

Key features: 480CFM, 75-min run time, brushless motor.

Pros: stable, Weather-resistant, portable.

11.4- Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower from Troy-Bilt  

4- Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower from Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt, headquartered in Ohio, which is the Valley city are into the field of making best products for garden tools and lawns over 75 years

Are you looking for a leaf blower to clear out a large area in your lawn or garden or any bigger jobs? Then you need to adapt to Troy-Bilt leaf blowers without any chaos as they are built as a powerful blower that has the capability to clear out any big piles of leaves with comfort and ease within a short period of time, they are the 32cc 4-cycle backpack leaf blower with higher output performance.

The speed of the blower is about 150 mph and the air volume is about 500 CFM for blowing out larger area rapidly and reliably, the flex tube can be enlarged as per your requirement and this helps to maneuver any large things under or around your furniture, bedroom or any type easily.

The backpack leaf blower comes with a hip belt and shoulder straps for the comfort and equalize the weight, this reduce the fatigue and allow the air to pass through the wearer’s back equally.

4- Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower from Troy-Bilt

Key features: 150 mph air speed, 500 cfm air volume, Fully-tensioned multi-material suspension system.

Pros: Backpack design, padded hip belt, Long flex tube.

12.Electric Leaf blower from GardenHome

Electric Leaf blower from GardenHome

Are you searching for a blower and a vacuum in a single product? then garden home’s electric handheld leaf blower would the right pick. This act as an efficient tool to clear out the patios, leaves, decks etc with ease and comfort, they are also strong enough to clear the flower beds, shrubs, leave from gutters easily.

You can carry it with one hand as they come with a lock trigger to provide the comfort for the people using it, there is a nozzle which can be removed when the product is not in use for the compact and easy storage, they can be great for the workshops and for your car too, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The power cord used in the leaf blower is 2m which is 6.5 feet, the airspeed can be adjusted as per the needs and requirements. They are the well balanced to be used aa electric blower as well as vacuum with the flip switch and they are light in weight and perfect for using long periods of time too.

Electric Leaf blower from GardenHome

Key features: 600W power O/P, 16000r/min speed, 3.3 pounds weight.

Pros: Flat concentrator nozzle, portable, 189 mph air speed.

13.2-Cycle Handheld Leaf Blower from Poulan Pro 

2-Cycle Handheld Leaf Blower from Poulan Pro

Are you looking for a leaf blower to use at your homes or smaller gardens? then try out Poulan Pro leaf blower, which is best for clearing out a smaller area in your garden,patios, decks, sideways etc.

This handheld leaf blower comes with Vacuum capability and are preferred by home users for clearing out. The cruise control that is available with variable speed is one of the advantage and the throttle type is used to trigger out the leaves in ease.

The manufacturer provides 2 years warranty for the products, as they are light in weight can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, they are available in multi colors and also with many attracting features.

2-Cycle Handheld Leaf Blower from Poulan Pro

Key features: 650 cfm, 215 mph, Variable Speed.

Pros: Cruise Control, Trigger Throttle, light weight.

14.Walk Behind Leaf Blower from Southland Outdoor Power Equipment

Walk Behind Leaf Blower from Southland Outdoor Power Equipment

Southland, a famous manufacturer of producing products for leaf maintenance, lawn care, soil preparation and many other outdoor activities products and known for their durability in the market.

The product comes with a air volume of about 1200 CFM and the speed of the air is about 150 MPH, the recoil starting can be done by both manually and in automatic and there is a adjustable vane and chite for the easier operation, the rear wheel is about 12 inch and easy to walk behind and the manufacturer offers 2 years warranty for the product.

The walk behind leaf blower is easy to start up with the help of the manual recoil and windo force can be adjusted as per the requirements and needs, the engine is equipped with 163cc, which is more powerful and they are about 6.5 pound and the product is available with both 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas engines.

Walkbehind Leafblower from Southland Outdoor Power Equipment

Key features: 1200 CFM, 163-CC Engine,15-Degree Adjustable Chute.

Pros: Balanced Steel Fan, Easy Start Fuel Delivery, Tapered Crankshaft.

15.Walk Behind Leaf Blowers from Patriot 

Walk Behind Leaf Blowers from Patriot

Patriot, a leading brand has produced many different types of products for lawn care and maintenance. This product, walk behind leaf blower helps you to clear out a large area of leaves in your garden or lawn with ease and comfort, they has the ability to clear out a 24 inch path within a single pass.

You can convert the vacuum to a blower within seconds with the help of the flip switch, it’s powered by six and half briggs and stratton engine and also the manufactures offers 2 years warranty for the product, also it provides the comfort to the people who walk behind the leaf blowers for clearing out the leaves or debris.

Walk Behind Leaf Blowers from Patriot

Key features: Stratton engine, 6-1/2-hp Briggs, clear 24-inch wide path.

Pros: CARB compliant, Y-flail blades, hooded vent.

Bottom Line

Getting the right type of leaf blower is necessity, it’s important to have an effective leaf blower that could remove the fallen branches, leaves, debris etc for having a clean garden or lawn, choosing a wrong type will cause damage to you and your garden and will result you in more loss.

Choose the right type of leaf blower can minimize the risks, speed up the clearing process, clear the debris from any indoor or outdoor areas. Hope the above guide would helps you to choose the right leaf blowers, whatever the type may be, walk behind, handheld, wheeled or backpack, know about the product in brief and then go for it.

What are your views on the above guide or what type of leaf blower are you using for clearing out any indoor or outdoor debris, patios, walkways etc? Waiting to hear from you Guys!